Wash ‘n’ Fold

On top of keeping up with the new technology and bringing in more efficient washers and dryers every 4-6 years, we also provide a wash, dry and fold service.

For those busy professionals, the soccer mom (or dad) that is running from practice to practice, the out of town traveler, or if you just don’t feel like doing your laundry for the week, we offer 2 types of service.

Wash ‘n’ Fold (Next Day) Service:

$1.75/lb for an minimum 10 lbs

Pick-Up and Drop-Off service within a 0-2 mile radius: $5

Pick-Up and Drop-Off service within a 2-4 mile radius: $10

Same Day Service

Weight of Laundry (as applies in Next Day Service) + $10 rush fee (pick-up/drop-off included)

Pick-Up between 7-9am and Drop-Off between 8-10pm

Please call (669)292-8960 to arrange for pick-up at least 1 hour ahead of time and the bill can either be paid at time of pick-up (preferably) or when drop-off occurs. Cash or Credit Card Accepted.